"I come from a proud family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to keep what is working at the Sheriff's Office and fix the things that are broken, and have been broken for some time.  There are many great people employed by the Sheriff. They need the support of strong leadership.  If they are strong they serve you better. Improving the office is my goal. I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done.  If you know me you know I don't quit."  I need your vote on November 3rd to continue serving Clay County.



The Sheriff's Office has had the same leadership for a very long time.  Its time for change.  Evaluating every section of the office and determining what immediate and long term modifications are required to save money and produce results is the focus.  

School Security 

As a family man I understand the importance of protecting our children and the valuable education staff.  The Sheriff's Office has a great School Resource Unit.  This unit will continue and we will make it even stronger by placing new eyes on it to "protect the investment" and keep it strong.  Working with and for the school district staff to jointly create a team atmosphere will continue it's positive results.  There is no other way to be.

Community Trust

There is no law enforcement agency that is free from the responsibility of insuring trust is sustained with the citizens we are sworn to protect.  I will operate no different.  In order to insure community trust we must be transparent and vocal about our progress and results.


I would be ignoring the elephant in the room if I did not speak about the jail - one of the most critical parts of the sheriff's office. The jail needs an overhaul to save money, protect our employees and to protect the inmates.  There is a fine line between incarceration, quality housing procedures and release.  Everything costs money but at the same time we must have the ability to jail dangerous people.


Equality is one of the most important atributes a law enforcment officer can possess.  Treating everyone fairly and impartially is critical.  Being a godly man, family man and experienced law enforcement officer I understand the importance of this.   I will lead to promote equality with all of our endeavors at the sheriff's office.  Its the right thing to do and I will promote it.


In summary, the above items are just a handfull of topics.  They are important.  However, there are many topics that are important.  There is going to be alot of work to do.  Surrounding myself with great employees (management and front line) will help me bring good change to reality.  The current leadership has been there too long.  It is time to create results and bring solutions to everyone's table.  I will do this.  My life has been and still is devoted to it.  My slogan is TRUST - CHANGE - TOUGH ON CRIME.  Everyone can trust me.  I have proven it for over 45 years, actually 70 years.  Change is  needed in the Sheriff's office and everyone knows it.  I can create solutions during the change.  Tough on crime - who does not want their sheriff to be tough on crime?  I will be fair, impartial but firm and direct.  Fighting crime is our job and we are not afraid to do it.  I appreciate your support. 

Wick Pickard

Trust - Change - Tough On Crime

Clay County Sheriff 2020

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